Service and menu suggestion

  • Two people: a cook and a kitchen helper
Functioning Conditions:
  • Choice of the menu by the client 
  • Number of people we are going to serve (number of adults and number of children separated)
  • In case of existence of any dietary/food restrictions inform us beforehand
  • Indicate at what time you want the food to be served
What is Included in the Service’s Price:
  • Time spent shopping ingredients for the service
  • Pre-Cooking at our home (Depending on what kind of food we are serving)
  • Cooking Service at the Villa
  • Table Service
  • Cleaning (Dinner Room + Kitchen)
Not included in our Service:
  • Drinks
  • Sweet Desserts such as birthday cakes, fine pastries, etc.

All the above are paid separately

where we operate:
  • Northern Portugal in the following regions:
  • Porto, Braga Region, Minho e Alto Minho, Gerês and some regions of the Douro
  • Distances over 50 km will be charged
Price of the Menus:
  • Depends on menu choice
payment methods:
  • cash payment at end of service
press the button to Download menu suggestion :
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